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Thank you for meeting
2019-09-07 16:57:06 Browsing volume:97

Life is not only thousands of days, but also tens of autumns in a hurry. In the course of my life for decades, I will encounter various kinds of people, some of them are just a slight flash of impression, some of them are deeply engraved in my mind, leaving indelible traces. Some people, we meet at a certain moment, and then walk away; some people, after meeting, will always accompany. People around them have been constantly changing, and there have been only a few people.

Meeting is by no means accidental, since fate lets each other meet, that is the destined arrangement. Thank my parents, meeting them is my great fate, they give me life, give me unlimited love, for me to support a blue sky, is my strong backing. Thank you, brothers and sisters, we play together, grow up together, experience the value of family. Thank you, my friends, their presence, let me no longer lonely, life is full of sunshine. Thank you for all the people I met in my life. Just because I met them, I tasted the bitterness and bitterness of life.

The so-called Iraqi people are on the water side, which is a heartfelt encounter; "the meeting will leave, one prayer for one period" is a good blessing after the encounter. "Stay for a moment, turn around is the end of the world", is a regret for the encounter. "Looking back 500 times in the past and passing by once in the present" is the fate of meeting. What a beautiful word to meet.

Some people are passers-by in our lives, and we are also passers-by in other people's lives. Thank you for every encounter. Because of this, life is colorful.