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Keep that beautiful piece
2019-09-07 16:55:59 Browsing volume:93

Memory is the only trace that can prove our existence after the passage of time. Memory is the memory that we can at least have when everything quietly passes away. Memory is the past that we are willing to hold deep in our hearts and enjoy in our leisure time. Only when life keeps running forward, the beauty of that memory will be chosen to be remembered or forgotten.

Always in a state of confusion, I inadvertently recalled the past bit by bit, recalled the past few years to live in Beijing, and now living in another city, time is really very fast, so that you have no time to plan your future life, maybe tomorrow will change your original because of something. There are plans. Maybe that's memory, not plan. Every day, sitting in the office busy with their familiar workflow, occasionally looking out of the window, the introduction of a large green. It's the green space that the company has planted, and I don't know how long it will last, but I know it will last this summer.

Every day when I go to and from work, I gallop along the tree-lined path of the Tuhaihe River, with tall trees standing on both sides. The sunshine drifts through the dense branches and leaves of the wind and shines on the ground, forming dots of light. Take a deep breath, and what pours into your nose is a fresh smell of earth and plants, so natural and fresh. A gentle breeze blew, slender branches and trunks led the leaves, swaying heartily, showing their beautiful dance. Accompanied by each commuter's different mentality, there is a unique charm. Little imagine that in this fast-paced life, there is also a small place that can make people feel happy. Every time I drive down the lane from work, I look at the different plants on both sides of the road and feel different.

Looking at the present moment, as a lot of life pressure, we seem to have no time to take into account this beautiful and no right to appreciate this beautiful. Every day passes under these trees only, and never stops to see the scenery. This former happiness no longer exists, the memory of the good, how long can I have, all, keep that good, forever in my heart.