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Youth, you have never missed
2019-09-07 16:54:42 Browsing volume:102

I don't know when people began to attach more importance to facial value than to all other beautiful qualities. As a result, many young people have gradually lost their sense of self-existence. As an adult about to enter the new age, there are some small insights to say to himself yesterday.

The story began in the year of the middle school entrance examination. In the first few days of school, we moved into the classroom of the graduation class. That is, from this day on, an unrealistic goal was put on the agenda. Everyone, even the last one in the class, was pushed into the long review before the entrance examination. It was the first big exam in my life, and I had little hope of passing it. It was under various pressures from the outside world and myself that I went to key high school one year later. In retrospect of that time, some details are still vivid. It is a feeling of crying without tears. I don't want to mention those childish pains, but I thought that reading was the best and only way to live. With a year's hard work in exchange for a heavy glasses and an admission notice. For many years afterwards, the habit of this endeavor has been with me, until now, also unwilling to change.

Many years later, I finally finished my studies. Leaving the campus and taking part in the work gave me the opportunity to examine my way to study. After graduation, the family has been urging early marriage. All the forces have come out of goodwill to encircle and suppress the older youth like me. One by one, the blind dates have made me exhausted and shy. Finally, the positive heart was deeply hurt by the principle of invincibility. Suddenly it was dark, followed by several lightning bolts. After the storm, fresh air rose from the ground. Sunlight shines through the cracks in the dark clouds, and I see a world washed away by vanity. Finally, I am integrated into this society, with a noble moral attitude of a scholar.

What is the most precious thing youth can exchange for? Everyone has different answers. For me, it should be the slight bitterness in my memory now. What can youth leave behind? This has a clear answer, because no one can live forever in Fanghua.