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My peace of mind is my hometown
2019-09-07 16:46:26 Browsing volume:90

In my hometown, in the north, there are hundreds of flowers in spring, autumn and moon, cool wind in summer and snow in winter, which is the most appropriate description. The four seasons are clearly "don't do it".

My hometown, in the north, five districts, are inseparable and do not disturb each other; each of the four counties has its own advantages, Zhaozhou melon seeds, Zhaoyuan lotus flowers, Taikang meat jerky, Lindian hot springs.

My hometown, in the north, is known as the oil city, the Iron Man Road, the Iron Man Middle School, the Iron Man Museum, is well-known.

My hometown, in the north, has the reputation of Baihu City. The mosquitoes in Baihu Wetland are bigger than flies. The most direct way to eliminate mosquitoes every summer is to spray mosquitoes by airplane.

In my hometown, in the north, everyone speaks a standard northeastern dialect. There is also a saying that northeastern men are naturally afraid of their daughters-in-law, which I would like to correct, afraid that daughters-in-law is not born, they all started after several beatings.

My hometown, in the north, is a big city. In China, there are only a few cities that dare to start with the word "big". Da Hinggan Mountains, Da Shanghai and Daqing are not called "big" in vain, and there is a reason for their existence.

Here is the official data: Daqing covers an area of 22161 square kilometers. Daqing = 1.35 Beijing = 3.5 Shanghai = 2.98 Guangzhou = 1.82 Sydney = 10.12 Tokyo = 10.86 Mauritius = 28.08 New York = 36.58 Seoul = 210.26 Paris = 2462.33 Maldives

My hometown, in the north, is a very big city. There is a small home in which I have four acres and three acres of land. There is a small vegetable garden in my home. In spring, autumn harvest, rainbow in summer, snow in winter, year after year.

There are white clouds in the blue sky, the air index does not exceed 10; rainbows after rain, from front to back of the house; photographs with filters, as if they had never been P; stars at night, you can see the Big Dipper when you look up; vegetable gardens in summer, fruits and vegetables can not be eaten; northwest wind in winter, you can freeze and cry in minutes; indoor houses in winter. Nearly 50 degrees outside the temperature difference, but also can not prevent children to go out and play snowball fights; a night of snow, wake up in the morning was often closed by snow; the first thing to school is not to recite the text, but all go out to sweep the snow...

When I write down these words, the memory is still so clear and clear. There is nothing special about my home, that is, I can't finish it all the time. Many years away from home, I have studied, loved, married, had children, and had a new home of my own. I have little time to go back to my heart's home. When I don't think about it, my home is there. When I think about it, my thoughts are overflowing.

Home, give me a shaking heart to settle down, my heart is at ease is my hometown.