Safety in production
Actively carry out accident drill and strengthen employees' safety awareness
2020-09-21 16:59:13 Browsing volume:11

        On September 18, the company's EHS office organized and carried out different types of emergency drills for different departments, including the "vessel explosion accident disposal plan" of the production workshop, the "on-site disposal plan for vehicle injury accidents" issued by the material control department, and the "on-site disposal plan for electric shock accidents" in the power workshop.

        Through carrying out the simulated accident scene disposal drill, the participants have mastered the scene emergency rescue process of different types of injury accidents, including alarm, rescue, warning, protection of the scene, etc. The on-site disposal of the accident drill has realized the emergency rescue in an orderly, scientific and rapid manner, improved the emergency handling ability of the company's safety accidents, made the injured get timely treatment, and put an end to the occurrence of personal injury.

Before the drill of the accident site disposal plan, careful, rigorous and orderly arrangement is required.

Emergency dressing the wound for the wounded

Simulate the scene of vehicle injury accident

Rescue the injured in time and wait for hospital rescue

Low voltage electric shock, pull the brake to save people

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, timely rescue

Evaluation and summary shall be carried out after the drill