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Qilu University of technology comes to the company to observe and study
2020-09-16 11:27:40 Source:chuancheng IT

        On September 15, Dr. Zhou and Dr. Lou of Qilu University of technology led 120 students from the Department of pharmaceutical engineering of grade 2018 to Sichuan Chengdu pharmaceutical production base for observation and study. Liu huaizhen, general manager of Chuancheng pharmaceutical and department heads Yang Qingkun, Zhang Lin, Li Yanjie, etc. accompanied the visit.

        Qilu University of technology is a key applied research university and a comprehensive natural science research institution in Shandong Province. It is a master's degree authorized unit approved by the academic degree committee of the State Council and the first batch of bachelor's degree authorized units in China. It is also the provincial doctoral project construction unit of Shandong Province, and is one of the first batch of engineering schools with Shandong characteristics.


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(visiting the exhibition hall of the enterprise)


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(Forum interaction, answering questions)

        This time, Qilu University of technology students went to Chuancheng medicine for observation and study. Accompanied by general manager Liu huaizhen, they gave vivid and vivid interactive explanations on our company's R & D, production, quality control, safety and environmental protection, experimental data, and employment of college students. The atmosphere was very active. From books to practice, from the plane to the three-dimensional, the students all said they benefited a lot.


(Dr. Zhou delivered a speech)

        The holding of this activity not only builds a good learning platform for the school, but also strengthens the understanding of the importance of the combination of theoretical knowledge and work practice of students, but also enhances the communication and exchange between enterprises and schools. Through enterprise feedback and needs, targeted training of talents, combined with market orientation and focusing on students' practical skills, can cultivate talents needed by the society 。