Safety in production
Push forward the construction of double prevention system and build a firewall for safety production
2020-09-05 14:26:28 Browsing volume:21

        On the morning of September 4, all middle and senior management personnel and relevant personnel of Chuancheng pharmaceutical attended the special training on safety dual prevention system organized by EHS office. This training was given by Li Yang, director of EHS office. The main contents include the background, general ideas and objectives, basic concepts and relations, implementation and evaluation of the dual prevention system. From the perspective of safety production laws and regulations, and combined with the actual production of the company, the paper gives a comprehensive explanation.

        The dual prevention system refers to the security risk classification management and control system and the accident hidden danger investigation and control system. Carrying out the dual prevention system is an effective means to strengthen the risk pre control. It can control the risk before the formation of the hidden danger and eliminate the hidden danger before the accident, which effectively promotes the safety production gateway to move forward.

         During the training process, we listened carefully and recorded carefully. We realized that the risk that can not be identified is a major risk, and that if the training is not in place, it is a major risk.

         The systematic training was comprehensive and detailed with obvious effect, which was highly praised and recognized by the leaders, which laid a solid foundation for strengthening the construction and operation of the company's dual prevention system.