Recruitment information of Chuancheng pharmaceutical
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1、 Position

        Person in charge of production management

2、 Job description

        1) Main responsibilities:

        1. Ensure that the drugs are produced and stored in accordance with the approved technological procedures, so as to ensure the quality and 

        production safety of drugs;

        2. Ensure to strictly implement all kinds of operation procedures related to production operation;

        3. Ensure that batch production records and batch packaging records are reviewed by designated personnel and sent to quality management 


        4. Ensure that the plant and equipment are maintained in good condition;

        5. Ensure to complete all necessary verification work;

        6. Ensure that the production related personnel receive necessary pre job training and continuous training, and adjust the training content 

        according to the actual needs.

        2) Qualifications:

        1. Bachelor degree or above in pharmacy, chemistry or related major (or intermediate professional title or licensed pharmacist qualification);

        2. At least five years of practical experience in drug production and quality management, including at least three years of drug production 

           management experience and rich GMP site management experience;

        3. Have a strong sense of responsibility and self-improvement;

        4. Good conduct, good health, no bad habits, 35 to 45 years old.

        5. For those with rich practical experience, the conditions can be relaxed appropriately.

3、 Salary

        Face to face

4、 Registration method

        Online registration:

        Applicants can log in to the company's official website( ), click the recruitment announcement, view the post recruitment 

        conditions, download the application form (see the attachment), fill in the application form accurately and completely, and then package and 

        send the scanned copy of the application form and relevant materials to the email address: Job application is in the 

        form of "job name + file".

        You can log in to the "Zhilian Recruitment" website and submit your resume to the position to be applied for. After the resume is approved, 

        the staff will contact by phone as soon as possible.

        Address: No.36, Lushan North Road, Liaocheng Economic and Technological Development Zone

        Registration Tel: 0635-2188995 15506355578 (Ms. Liu)

        Interview arrangement: according to the application registration form, the applicant's ID card, education background, degree and other relevant 

        information are preliminarily reviewed. After the preliminary examination is passed, the company will arrange an interview, and the applicant will 

        be informed by telephone at that time.


        Please click the link below to download the application form