Environmental protection
Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.
2020-09-02 15:56:14 Browsing volume:22

        In August 2005, when Comrade Xi Jinping, Secretary of the Zhejiang provincial Party committee, inspecting Anji in Zhejiang, he first put forward the scientific conclusion that "green water and beautiful scenery are the Jinshan Yinshan". Fifteen years later, Secretary Xi went to Anji again and talked about the achievements made by Anji Yucun village, proving that the path of green development is correct. If the path is right, we must stick to it. The example of Yucun explains the feasibility of the concept of green development to us, which makes me ponder over how to practice the idea that green water and green hills are golden mountains and silver mountains from the perspective of production-oriented enterprises? In my opinion, we can start from two aspects: the treatment of three wastes and the awareness of personnel

        First, three wastes treatment. First of all, starting from the source, try to use green raw materials and raw materials with small pollutant content to reduce the generation of pollutants from the source. The second is the control of the production process. In addition to strictly controlling the production process, we should focus on how to improve the yield, such as the recycling of raw materials. It can not only improve the yield, but also reduce the emission of pollutants. Finally, the treatment of pollutants, waste water, waste gas, solid waste treatment, the selection of appropriate energy-saving technology and equipment. The operation and management of environmental protection equipment and facilities is also an important part. For example, the operation time, interval and frequency of wastewater equipment and facilities affect the treatment efficiency of wastewater pollutants. Good waste gas treatment technology can not only reduce the total amount of waste gas pollutants, but also help the development of enterprises. Therefore, enterprises should not only make great efforts in the treatment of three wastes, but also train operators with strong sense of professional responsibility.

        Second, personnel awareness. Every employee in the enterprise must deeply understand and implement the concept of green development. On the one hand, we can start from the details, do a good job in garbage classification, improve the efficiency of subsequent waste treatment, and avoid unnecessary energy waste. On the other hand, practicing the concept of green development, starting from practical work, can give full play to the creativity of employees while working, and encourage employees to be the pioneers of energy conservation and emission reduction and turning waste into treasure.

        Besides the two aspects, attention should be paid to the rationality, economy and applicability of the protection distance and supporting public works construction in the plant construction layout, so as to avoid the waste of land resources and energy. The high energy consumption process is arranged at night, which can not only reduce the production cost, but also save the national resources

        In short, in the future work, we should combine with our own reality, dialectical treatment, and take effective measures to help and add color to the green development of enterprises.