Recruitment announcement
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         Shandong Chuancheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a state-owned high-standard pharmaceutical enterprise with the mission of "pharmaceutical for 

the people, people and industry prospering", integrating the R & D, production, sales and technical services of pharmaceutical raw materials, 

intermediates and preparations. Its products cover the fields of anti-tumor, anti allergy, central nervous system drugs, cardio cerebrovascular 

drugs, etc. The company covers an area of 53300 square meters, with a total investment of 397 million yuan. It has built a modern high standard 

laboratory, equipped with various types of world-class brand instruments and equipment that can carry out tests and analysis of different orders 

of magnitude. It has strong technical strength in synthesis, analysis and detection, and has obtained 13 invention patents. There are three API 

production lines and one pilot production line, which has laid a solid foundation for the development of the company.

        According to the needs of work, 34 employees have been recruited since the date of the announcement. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

        one、 Recruitment conditions

        1. He is under 40 years old (born after August 7, 1980). He is healthy, positive and has strong ability of learning and innovation.

        2. Dedication, discipline and law-abiding, diligent and responsible, unity and cooperation.

        3. Those with full-time educational background, major and working experience required by the recruitment post, and those with master's degree or above, intermediate or above related technical titles and rich working experience can be relaxed appropriately.

        two、 Recruitment posts and number of people

        three、 Registration method

        Online registration:

        1. Applicants can log in to the company's official website( )Click on the recruitment announcement, view the post recruitment conditions, download the application form (see the attachment), fill in the application form accurately and completely, and then package and send the scanned copy of the application form and relevant materials to the email address: The format of the package name is "applied position + name".

        2. You can log in to the "Zhilian Recruitment" website and submit your resume to the position to be applied for. After the resume is approved, the staff 

will contact by phone as soon as possible.

        Address: No.36, Lushan North Road, Liaocheng Economic and Technological Development Zone

        Registration Tel: 0635-2188995 15506355578 (Ms. Liu)

        Interview arrangement: according to the application registration form, the applicant's ID card, education background, degree and other relevant information are preliminarily reviewed. After the preliminary examination is passed, the company will arrange the interview uniformly, and the applicant will be informed by telephone  at that time.

        Registration time: from the date of announcement to December 31 (our company will adjust the recruitment posts from time to time according to 

the recruitment situation).

        four、 Salary

        1. Salary composition: basic salary, performance salary, education subsidy, title subsidy, seniority salary, high temperature subsidy, project bonus, sales performance commission, etc. Undergraduate: 4000 + yuan / month; postgraduate: 5000 + yuan / month, which is determined according to personal ability, job experience and job matching degree, with no ceiling.

        2. Special allowance: full time undergraduate degree, "double first-class" undergraduate degree and full-time Master's degree can enjoy different levels of municipal and district level talent subsidies.

        3. Welfare: five insurances and one fund, statutory holidays, physical examination, holiday welfare, birthday gifts, overseas training, etc.

        4. Accommodation: the company provides accommodation and meal allowance.

        Click the link below to download the application form for open recruitment of Shandong Chuancheng pharmaceutical in 2020: