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Zhejiang Arthur and Shandong Chuancheng reach strategic cooperation
2020-08-26 09:15:34 Source:chuancheng IT

        On August 22, Dr. Liu Hongbin, chairman of the board of directors of Zhejiang Arthur Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Xie Feng, the commercial director, visited our company and reached a strategic cooperative relationship. Company leaders Liu huaizhen, Liu Yanchao, Ji Changcheng, Zhang Zhankun, Han Hongfen and relevant department heads attended the forum and the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation.

        Dr. Liu, who graduated from Stanford, once worked in multinational pharmaceutical groups for a long time, and later founded Shangjin medicine in the United States. At present, there are 20 pharmaceutical preparation numbers approved by FDA, among which 11 products have been put on the market. At the beginning of 2020, Dr. Liu founded Zhejiang Arthur in China, aiming to carry out large-scale China US double newspaper and promote the listing of products in the Chinese and American markets as soon as possible.

        As a new pharmaceutical raw material enterprise, Shandong Chuancheng has complete facilities and good compliance. The construction of EHS and GMP system has a good foundation, and the research and development system has begun to take shape.

        After the cooperation, the two sides will carry out the research and development of API as soon as possible, and apply for the application at the same time between China and the United States. It is expected that a number of products will come out within two years. As the products pass the FDA audit, Shandong Chuancheng will successfully go to the international market and win the approval of domestic and foreign merchants.

        We visited the company's R & D center, warehouse and environmental protection system, and visited the company's production center, warehouse and warehouse for guidance. Especially in R & D analysis, quality system construction and EHS system construction as the company's development leader, Dr. Liu gave special praise: he was very professional from macro consideration to micro design, and invested a lot in equipment configuration, but it was very reasonable. He felt Chuancheng's professionalism in pharmaceutical industry.

        After the site visit, the two sides further discussed the cooperation of specific projects and initially worked out the development varieties to be carried out in the near future.

        Dr. Liu Hongbin signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of Zhejiang Arthur and general manager Liu huaizhen on behalf of Shandong Chuancheng.

        Dr. Liu and his party gave a high appraisal and full affirmation of our company's comprehensive strength and development potential. The company's leaders also expressed their heartfelt thanks and welcome to Liu Bo and his party for their arrival, and looked forward to the promotion of bilateral cooperation as soon as possible to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results!