Safety in production
Eliminate accident hidden danger and build up safety defense line
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        The so-called accident refers to the extent beyond people's capacity caused by one of the three aspects of "human", "machine" and "environment". Heinrich's safety law points out that when an enterprise has 330 hidden dangers or violations, 29 minor injuries or failures are inevitable, in addition to one serious injury, death or major accident. Therefore, in the actual production of enterprises, we must pay attention to hidden dangers and violations. Only by eliminating the hidden dangers of accidents, can we build a strong security line. This June is the 19th safety production month in China. In order to effectively strengthen the safety awareness of employees and carry out safety production month activities, the EHS Office of Shandong Chuancheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. carefully organized and planned various safety activities.

(safety production monthly publicity activity)

        Safety management emphasizes "six first", among which safety awareness is the first. In this safety month activity, the safety awareness of employees will be further enhanced by hanging safety slogans and using the company's showroom screen to broadcast the latest safety production method and the use of fire equipment.

        There are three main reasons for safety accidents: unsafe behavior of people, unsafe state of things and management defects. In order to effectively avoid accidents caused by unsafe behaviors of people, this safety month activity practically strengthened personnel training, The training of "risk classification management and control system and hidden danger investigation and control system" was carried out to further enhance the employees' understanding of the risk level of the company's facilities and equipment, so as to know well in the ordinary work and avoid accidents and hidden dangers caused by blind work and reckless work.

        Production team management safety is the first line of defense for enterprise safety, and the occurrence of most accidents is closely related to post operation. In order to further strengthen safety awareness, compact safety responsibility, and implement safety management, EHS office organized team construction training.

(team building training)

        After the team safety training, the team leaders of each workshop have expressed that they have effectively improved their safety awareness through this training. In the future production work, they must do a good job in the team safety work and build the first line of defense for production safety.

        As a chemical production enterprise, process safety is the first aspect to be considered in every link from product development to scale-up production. For this reason, in the monthly safety production activities, the EHS office specially organizes the heads of all departments to participate in the process safety training.

(process safety training)

        Most of the accidents are caused by unsafe behaviors of human beings, and the actual actions are misoperation. In order to avoid the misoperation of employees, the EHS Office of the company coordinated with the engineering equipment department to carry out joint review of safety operation procedures and on-site operation training activities, which truly achieved the combination of theory and practice, further standardized the operation of employees, and put an end to misoperation.

(joint review of safety operation and on-site training of screw refrigerating unit)

        In the afternoon of June 19, 2020, the EHS Office of the company organized and carried out the safety inspection activities of the whole plant with the participation of leaders and heads of all departments. By leading the team and involving the heads of all departments, the safety concept and safety responsibility consciousness that safety production is more important than Taishan can be truly implemented in the work site, rooted in the ideological understanding of employees, so that every employee can participate in the investigation of hidden dangers, promote safety, and force the change of safety awareness, from requiring my safety to requiring my safety.

(safety inspection activities of the whole plant)

        Accident emergency rescue is the last line of defense to avoid further expansion of safety accident damage, stop loss in time and rescue the injured. The company level comprehensive emergency drill is designed according to the safety production month activity plan of Chuancheng pharmaceutical, so as to enhance the emergency evacuation ability of employees and train the emergency rescue ability of part-time fire brigade of the company.

(explanation of scheme before comprehensive emergency drill)

        Everyone's safety responsibility is defined in the safety responsibility system. In this safety month activity, in order to let every employee participate in it, EHS office has set up a collection group for potential safety hazards, so that every employee can find the hidden dangers around him, put forward reasonable suggestions, and truly become the owner of safety. Enterprise development, safety is the boat. For the development of the enterprise, let's work together to eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents and build a strong defense line.