Safety in production
Carry out special training for leading cadres on duty
2020-06-09 15:19:51 Browsing volume:29

        In order to further coordinate the work safety and emergency response during holidays, nights and other abnormal work periods, the EHS Office of the company has formulated the system, plan and notice of leading cadres on duty, and provided all the materials needed for on duty. According to the requirements of the notice, EHS office coordinated the production department and Drug Research Institute to conduct special training for the leaders on duty during the abnormal working period. The training mainly includes: (1) safety knowledge of hazardous chemicals; (2) hazard analysis and standard operation of production equipment; (3) on site emergency rescue management and emergency disposal; (4) duty and requirements of shift leader.

        The special training clarified the work requirements and responsibilities during the shift, enhanced the understanding of the shift leaders on standard production operation, material properties and accident emergency response process, and laid a theoretical foundation for the shift work.