Safety in production
The company organizes emergency drill for acute poisoning accident of hazardous chemicals
2020-05-29 15:55:47 Browsing volume:35

        On May 28, in order to meet the 19th "safe production month" activity, improve the company's ability and level to deal with emergencies, ensure 

that employees can carry out scientific and effective emergency rescue in the first time, prevent and reduce poisoning incidents to the maximum 

extent, and minimize the damage. Our company organizes emergency rescue drill for acute poisoning accident of hazardous chemicals.

(the participants gathered in front of the office building to watch the video of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and positive pressure air respirator.

General Commander Ji Changcheng put forward requirements for this drill.)

        The simulation scenario of the drill is that the misoperation of the employees in the third workshop causes the leakage and evaporation of 

materials, leading to different acute reaction symptoms of employees. After receiving the danger report, the chief commander of the 

emergency drill shall immediately start the emergency rescue plan.

(the rescue team is equipped with anti-virus equipment and enters the workshop to rescue people)

(the medical rescue team assists the medical equipment to rush to the scene of the accident)

(rescue operation in progress)

(the evacuation warning group shall set up warning lines, and the medical rescue group shall conduct on-site emergency treatment)

        In this drill, the evacuation warning group set up safety warning line at the first time and organized the evacuation of site staff. At the same time, 

the emergency rescue team, medical rescue team, technical support team and other emergency working groups responded quickly and acted quickly, 

rushed to the scene immediately for first aid, and completed the on-site disposal, personnel transfer and evacuation, medical rescue and other work 

in an orderly and efficient manner through the cooperation of all groups. During the whole drill, the communication and contact were smooth, 

and medical appliances, rescue equipment and other preparations were made Sufficient; personnel evacuation shall be organized in an orderly 

manner, with rapid action, so as to successfully achieve the drilling objectives and achieve the drilling objectives.

        Through this drill, the responsibilities of all departments and employees of the company in case of emergencies were further clarified, the ability 

of organization and coordination, material preparation, on-site emergency treatment and comprehensive analysis in the treatment of acute 

occupational poisoning events was improved, the emergency response ability of the company's emergency response team was effectively 

improved, and valuable experience was accumulated for the handling of emergencies in the future.