Chuancheng Pharmaceutical was rated as the "exemplary organization of Safe Production" in 2023
Chuancheng Pharmaceutical was rated as the "exemplary organization of Safe Production" in 2023
2024-01-30 17:18 source:川成综合部

Accompanying An, walking towards An. Safety is the red line, bottom line, and lifeline, and safety management is only ongoing. In 2023, Chuancheng Pharmaceutical firmly established the safety management concept of "prevention first, comprehensive treatment", fully implemented the dual prevention mechanism of safety risk grading control and hidden danger investigation and treatment, regularly carried out various forms of comprehensive safety inspections to identify safety hazards, and carried out emergency drills, safety training and other activities, laying a solid foundation for ensuring safety production. Through effective safety management, considerable achievements have been achieved. ---- The company was rated as the "exemplary organization of Safe Production" in 2023 by the Emergency Management Office of Liaocheng Economic and Technological Development Zone.

Safety is the greatest benefit of an enterprise, the greatest welfare of employees, and the primary responsibility of managers. The company has always adhered to the principle of ensuring safety first in all work, ensuring safety first in all investment, and implementing safety responsibility first in all responsibilities.

The company continuously innovates its management mechanism, constructs a safety production leadership and command system, technical system and supervision management system, publicity and education training system, and job safety responsibility assessment system with strong leadership, clear responsibilities, and efficient operation, and focuses on forming a safety management work pattern with clear responsibilities, complete systems, scientific management, and strong supervision.

With a more rigorous work style, we will vigorously implement and strengthen implementation. Functional departments collaborate and collaborate, adopting a "walking style management" approach of not greeting, going directly to the site, where they go, and where they check. Management personnel are strictly checked for their performance, responsibility, and implementation, and a "strict, detailed, and practical" work style is adopted to strengthen safety production.

We firmly establish the concept of "no hidden dangers, no peace in the factory", and through continuous exploration, research, learning, solidification and summary, clarify the direction and ideas of safety management work, continuously improve the quality and efficiency of safety management, and support the "safety beam" for production and operation sites. Efforts will be made to build a three in one safety supervision system of "civil defense, physical defense, and technical defense", to achieve full process supervision and control of work sites, establish a screening mechanism of "self inspection in production workshops, key inspections by functional departments, dedicated inspections in video safety supervision, and leading inspections by leaders", conscientiously implement the deployment of "ensuring safety and production", rectify more than 210 hidden dangers throughout the year, with a rectification rate of 100%, and build a system of "small hidden dangers are not on duty, and major hidden dangers are not excessive.", The mechanism of quick investigation and handling of risks and hidden dangers, with feedback and implementation in every matter, has formed a good atmosphere of "everyone pays attention to safety, everyone checks for hidden dangers".

Encourage employees to shift their mindset from "I want to be safe" to "I want to be safe, I know how to be safe, and I can be safe". On the basis of consciously practicing safety regulations and measures, effectively expand the theoretical knowledge and business skills of safety for all employees, and enhance their ability to prevent and resolve various risks.

Looking back, we have achieved remarkable results and looking forward to a steady pace in our new journey. Entering 2024, facing new starting points, new goals, and new tasks, Chuancheng Pharmaceutical will fully implement the deployment and requirements of superior safety production work, consistently practice the policy of "prevention first, comprehensive governance", and firmly grasp safety management with a more spirited state, more vigorous efforts, and more firm confidence and determination, fully promoting the new strengthening of safety production bottom plate!