Leaders of Provincial Department of Science and Technology visited Linchuan Cheng Pharmaceutical for investigation and guidance
Leaders of Provincial Department of Science and Technology visited Linchuan Cheng Pharmaceutical for investigation and guidance
2022-09-16 11:34 source:川成综合部

In the afternoon of September 14, a delegation led by Zhu Enyuan, the director of the Personnel Department of the Science and Technology Department of Shandong Province, a first-class researcher, and Wang Shengli, a first-class researcher of the Social Development Department, accompanied by Feng Kai, the leader of the Liaocheng Science and Technology Bureau and the deputy director of the Development Zone Management Committee, visited Linchuan Chengcheng Pharmaceutical for research and guidance. Liu Yanchao, Chairman of Chuancheng Pharmaceutical, and Zhang Zhankun, Executive Vice President accompanied the event.

The research team watched the video introduction of the company's operation, then visited the company's exhibition hall, technology research and development, and laboratory sites, focusing on the company's product research and development, production, talent team building, etc.

Liu Yanchao gave a detailed introduction to the company's operation and development status, focusing on the company's technology research and development, achievements and honors obtained, technology introduction through foreign cooperation, and drug registration at home and abroad.

The research team fully affirmed the product research progress made by Chuancheng Pharmaceutical at present, put forward guidance and requirements for the company's R&D planning, R&D capability improvement, technical transformation, product innovation, R&D direction, etc., and publicized, implemented and communicated the green and low-carbon technology achievements, science and technology innovation policies and measures in Shandong Province, and issued relevant documents. The research team pointed out that it is necessary to actively apply the advanced technological achievements of air governance to achieve green manufacturing and low emissions; We should deepen the research and development of products, improve the technological innovation ability of enterprises, strengthen and optimize enterprises, and achieve high-quality development.

Liu Yanchao expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the leaders of the Provincial Science and Technology Department for their guidance and concern. Based on technical strength, Chuancheng Pharmaceutical will continue to increase its research and innovation efforts and talent team construction, deepen foreign cooperation, accelerate the pace of registration and application, and build the company into a standardized and standardized first-class pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise.